"I’ve had a few walk and talk therapies with Tarlie now and have found it so helpful! It has provided my brain with the space to breath and figure out things I haven’t previously been able to comprehend, giving me a new outlook on life and helping me work towards things I didn’t previously think were possible.

The walk and talk literally allows you to breathe and re work your thought patterns! With out being stuck in a grey little room. And you can even take your fur baby!

I have a new level of understanding for myself and a new lease of confidence when facing issues with anxiety, stress and how I react to certain situations. I’m getting to know myself better and learning how to respond to my triggers with compassion and kindness which is getting me further along my healing journey then ever. When I have previously found therapy very traumatic. And been unable to really function as a human being afterwards.

We are about to move in to the next phase of my therapy and I feel ready to embrace it. Safe and at ease. Once I have left tarlie I always feel refreshed and ready to push forward rather then drain and needing to crawl into bed for 3 days!

Tarlie is a beautiful person and so good at what she does. I would encourage anyone to go and see her as she works in such a way that helps you calmly embrace your sessions.

It actually makes me emotional (in a good way) writing this because I have achieved much more in just a few weeks with Tarlie then I did in months else where. And to be able to recognise how far I’ve come actually makes me feel really proud - That could be you to! You don’t have to stay stuck! Take advantage of what’s available to you. It could literally change your life!"​

"One of the most important things I took away from my sessions is that therapy is a form of self care for the mind and this is something I shall remember forever.
I had been feeling as though my head was fogged and dark, unable to deal and move on with a relationship ending. I was nervous to attend therapy sessions and was worried that maybe I was just being more dramatic about what was troubling than I should be. Attending therapy sessions with Tarlie was the best decision I could have made for myself!
Tarlie listens and makes you feel so comfortable that you can say and ask absolutely anything and feel supported. Tarlie has a way to bring out what needs to come out and be talked about but in a kind and supportive way.
Tarlie guided me through my sessions not just through talking but also with practical and visual tools and processes which helped me to finally feel clearer in my mind and able to move forward.
Tarlie helped me to find my voice and for that, I am forever thankful."